Boston Protest

Scenes from August 19, 2017 Boston Common protests. Tens of thousands of people came to denounce racism and anti-semitism. The protest was mostly peaceful aside from a few skirmishes here and there. The experience was incredibly valuable and it felt good to have myself counted in the fight against intolerance.

Will to Work

  • Will to Work is a collection of portraits and street photography highlighting the incredible work ethic of the cuban people. In a society where the chances of career progression and success are very unlikely, the motivation originates from the need to put food on the table for the family. Despite the lack of glamour and harsh conditions of the job, the Cuban worker maintains a high degree of happiness for the meaning of the work is so great. The selflessness of the work is truly inspiring.

Cross Country

During the summer of 2017, I embarked on a solo 9 day, 8 night road trip from Laguna Niguel California to Boston, MA. The stops I took are as follows: Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, White Sands, Big Bend, Texarkana, Nashville, Pittsburgh, and Princeton. It was incredible being able to see so much of the United States.