Designer Accordion

The Designer Accordion was my final project for History of Graphic Design class. I created a foldable informational brochure detailing the life and work of logo designer, Ivan Chermayeff.

Landmark Poster

In History of Graphic Design class, I was assigned to create a poster for a “landmark” piece of work done by a distinguished graphic designer. For this assignment, I created a poster for Pierre Bonnard’s La Revue Blanche. In the execution of this project, I took inspiration from Pierre Bonnard’s minimal, earthy color palette and used only three basic colors. This approach allows for more emphasis on the content that which is being presented.

Design Systems

For Typography class we were tasked with redesigning the brochure for Northeastern’s College of Arts Media and Design. For this project I used Swiss design principles and a grid system.

Quote Posters

Mahler Symphony No. 9